Who are you to do this (cont.) – from Rob Bell

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To answer the question “Who are you to do this?”, you first have to get out of your head.  I use this phrase “out of your head” because that’s where its easy to get stuck. Somewhere between our hearts and our minds is an internal dialog, a running commentary on what we think and feel and believe. It’s the voices in your head that speak doubt and insecurity and fear and anxiety. Like a tape that’s stuck on repeat these destructive messages will drain an extraordinary amount of energies if you aren’t clear and focused and grounded.  It’s important to embrace several truths about yourself and those around you, beginning with this one: “Who you aren’t isn’t interesting.” You have a list of all the things you aren’t, the things you can’t do, things you tried and didn’t go well. Regrets, mistakes that haunt you, moments when you crawled home in humiliation.  For many of us this list is a source of head games usually involving the words “not enough”.  Not smart enough, not talented enough, not disciplined enough, not educated enough, beautiful, thin, popular, or hard working enough.  You can fill in the blank.
Here is the truth about those messages: “They are not interesting”.
What you haven’t done, where you didn’t go to school, what you haven’t accomplished, who you don’t know and what you are scared of, simply aren’t interesting.
“I am not very good at math. If I get too many numbers I start to space out.”  See?  Not interesting.
If you focus on who you aren’t or what you don’t have or where you haven’t been or skills or talents or resources you’re convinced aren’t yours, precious energy slips through your fingers that you could use to do something with that blinking line (the cursor).

by Rob Bell, How to Be Here

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